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Teenage Discos Cork

We are a leading Teen Brand organising a new breed of premium Junior Clubnights and professional Teenage Disco events for 1st and 2nd year students throughout Cork.

At Teen Nation events you will find professional nightclub DJs, special guests and celebrities, full concert sound systems, state of the art lighting and laser displays and all the effects that you would experience at any other nightclub or concert.




SAT 17 Dec


SAT 7 jan


Teenage Discos

The absolute ultimate nightclubbing experience for 1st and 2nd year teens, with professional DJs, special celebrity guests, impressive sound and lighting systems and amazing creative content.

The Best in the Business

With our extensive experience and creative team, Teen Nation is widely recognised as a market leader when it comes to Teenage Discos and Junior Events in Ireland. Teen Nation is owned and operated by Plan Your Event Ltd, who are a reputable and accomplished professional event management company.

Safe & Responsible

All our teenage discos are fully supervised by both Teen Nation event management staff and licensed male and female security personnel. We run a strict zero-tolerance no alcohol and drug policy, and have a paramedic on site at every event. We provide a fun, yet safe, environment for all our teenage patrons.

Direct Ticket Sales

With our convenient and secure ticket sale platform, you can buy tickets to any of our events directly from your phone, iPad or laptop. And there’s no additional booking fees! Simply purchase tickets from our website and download to your phone. No hassle with meeting reps, carrying cash or losing tickets.

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Are you in first or second year? Do you want FREE tickets to all our events? We are always on the lookout for awesome people to join us and help promote the Teen Nation brand locally.

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